Basic Principles of Love

There are several principles of love, following which you can avoid many mistakes and build a harmonious relationship. In love, relationships that bring joy to both partners and promise stability and durability are considered promising. Such relationships are based on the so-called principles of healthy love. If you use Denver date ideas, it will be helpful to study these principles.

There are 12 main principles of healthy love: love that can make you happy, i.e. not depriving you of sleep, peace and strength, but on the contrary, filling you with life:

  1. When two people enter into a loving relationship, both should have a better life. If life gets worse, or if you pull each other down, one of you will eventually come to his or her senses and want to leave.
  2. Love cannot be bought. In doing so, don’t expect your expenses to be repaid a hundredfold.
  3. Avoid jealousy. You play with fire, causing jealousy, and someone is bound to get burned. People are prone to jealousy, sometimes they lack self-confidence, so you should not deliberately provoke this feeling.
  4. Both partners in a healthy love relationship are equally dependent on each other.
  5. A person who truly loves does not require proof of reciprocal feelings from his partner. He himself tries to prove his love to him.
  6. Do not try to change your partner. When hoping to change your partner into another person, keep in mind that this other person may not want to stay with you.
  7. It’s hard to love someone who is prone to depression. Love makes a person happy, but you are not guaranteed happiness by the company of your chosen one. Only you yourself can make yourself sad or happy.
  8. A woman wants to think she’s loved by a prince, not a lunatic. Men, in turn, do not like hysterical women and the so-called time bomb, from which you never know what to expect, because it can explode at any time. The unpredictability of the partner kills feelings and unsettles nerves just as absolute and complete predictability leads to boredom. So you can use date night ideas Denver to find that person who will be close to you.
  9. Love that erupts quickly exhausts itself. One of the two must love intelligently in order to find happiness as a permanent value. If your partner is silent in response to your blatant indignation, it doesn’t mean that he is indifferent, or weak, or deaf. It means that he is “in control. 
  10. If your partner has learned that you can be mistreated, it will be very difficult to convince him otherwise.
  11. You should refrain from the planned action if you have doubts about its feasibility. It is better to wait for the moment when a better solution comes to your mind. Also, abstain from actions that require too much expense or effort and that give away your excessive interest. Both are either discouraged immediately, or are not valued at all, or then quickly devalued.
  12. People are usually most comfortable with partners who are equal to them in social status and at the same time are the psychological antipodes. In other words, you are better suited to a man with a similar background and level of education. Do not forget that you yourself need to be a princess in order to marry a prince. You have to have the same life values. This means that if you have higher education, then you are better suited to a partner with higher education. Your state of mind will stabilize the psychological antipode. A pessimist needs an optimist, an extrovert needs an introvert.

If you discover in the early stages of building or tying up a relationship that your partner violates one or more principles, it is better to stay away from this person before you get addicted to the long-awaited feeling, but, alas, notoriously unpromising. Use tune2love to find your soul mate.