What nuts to choose to improve potency

Nuts are very useful for every man. They are perfectly digestible and well accepted by the male body. Regular consumption of nuts in food will have a beneficial effect not only on potency, but also on overall health. If you have problems with potency, then it makes sense to take a closer look at this product https://edpharm-france.com/acheter-viagra-generique-100mg/.

The most useful nuts for male potency

  • Walnut. It has a complex effect, increasing the production of testosterone, as well as improving vascular flow and blood circulation in the body. Walnuts are better eaten fresh (raw). The best digestion occurs in conjunction with honey.
  • Cashews. Cashews have minimal fat content, while at the same time, very rich vitamin composition. Cashew acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, increasing libido. It is recommended to eat raw or as a supplement to salads, fish, meat, vegetables.
  • Hazelnut. The large amount of zinc in hazelnuts helps to activate the testicles, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Fighting prostatitis, increasing libido and powerful erections are the main benefits of regular consumption of hazelnuts.
  • Almonds. Almonds have a lot of arginine, which helps to dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow to the genital area, which causes a good erection. Also, almonds improve the quality and quantity of sperm, so in small doses they are recommended as an adjunct to infertility treatment.
  • Cedar. Like almonds, pine nuts contain a lot of arginine, so it is beneficial for potency. It increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the cavernous body of the penis, which causes blood flow to the genitals and the development of a strong erection. In addition, pine nuts strengthen the heart and clean the blood vessels, contributing to the overall strengthening of the body. Nuts are eaten no more than 50 grams per day in pure form or as a supplement to various dishes.
  • Peanuts. Regulates hormonal balance, increases testosterone production, improves sperm quality. The best effect for potency has a peanut in conjunction with honey. Grind 100 grams of peanuts and mix with honey. Take 1 tsp before going to bed for 30 days.
  • Brazilian. Having a lot of selenium and magnesium in its composition, the Brazilian peanut effectively fights prostatitis in men. Increased testosterone production and strengthening of the heart muscle are the main results of eating nuts.
  • Pistachios. As a storehouse of B vitamins, pistachios lower blood cholesterol levels, purify blood vessels, normalize the cardiovascular system, increase the synthesis and improve the quality of sperm. Having a unique composition, it is proved that this product contributes to an active blood flow to the male penis, which causes a strong arousal and a powerful erection.

Male potency depends on many factors, including lifestyle, unhealthy habits, the quality of diet, psychological state, as well as overall health. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet with regular consumption of nuts will help to maintain a good potency for many years. If you need additional medications, visit https://edpharm-france.com/.