Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long distance relationship is not a piece of cake to deal with, but nowadays, when more and more people meet each other through online dating sites, “distant love” is becoming a common thing in our everyday life. Almost every third couple experienced long distance relationships at least once. No matter how far from each other you live, distance can either kill your feelings or strengthen them. If the second option is much more appropriate for you and you have a strong desire to fight for your love then you must learn some rules of how to keep long distance relationship and make it work.

As previously mentioned it doesn’t matter how much kilometers separate you from each other. You may either live in the same country or be separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but in both cases you’ll not avoid typical long distance relationship problems. No matter how strong you love is, you still have to remember that you should work on your relationship all the time.


If you are willing to do everything to keep your relationship despite the distance then the first thing you should remember about is communication. The Internet can help you to get closer to a person that lives thousand miles away from you. For instance, most of online dating sites offer their members such services as sending messages and arranging video chats, for example, www.romancecompass.com You can use these features every day and any time when you have a free minute. This way you’ll definitely make your long distance relationship work.

Stay Updated

Don’t forget to stay updated with your loved one’s life and share your favourite moments. Open the window to your life for her. Write your morning “hello” and your “good night” before going to bed. Do live video chat and show your smile to her. Choosing live video chat you get an opportunity to see each other’s faces during your conversation and a possibility to express your feelings and emotions. It’s unbelievable but some men even proposed to their future wives online! This may seem weird but it definitely proves that there is a lot of methods of how to deal with long distance relationship.

Share Pictures

Share pictures with your “honey bunny”. For example, send her your “selfie”. This may be a funny one that will make her smile. You can also send the pictures of the street where you live, your work place, you and your friends together. This way you share your life with her and show you really care.

Give Your Attention

Don’t forget to give her your attention. Long distance relationship doesn’t imply only Internet communication. Show your creativity and bring some material note to your relations. For example, no doubts there are lots of various flower deliveries in her country, so don’t hesitate to surprise her by ordering her favorite flowers. Just imagine her eyes while she’s getting them from a deliveryman. If you attach some sentimental note to your bouquet she will get even much more excited and pleased.

One more good advice on how to make long distance relationship work is to read the same books and discuss them afterwards. This way you’ll be able to find out each other’s opinions on the same theme that will help you to know each other better. Reading the same books or magazines will also make you feel united.

Send her some of your personal things by post. For example, you can send your t-shirt sprayed with your favorite perfume so she can sleep in it instead of her nightgown. Or this may also be some of your watches so she can wear them and remember you every time she looks at them.

Listen to the Same Songs

One more idea of how to keep love in long distance relationship is listening to the same songs. Let two of you make your own play list for each other. Download these tracks to your cell phones and listen on your way to work. This way you may learn each other’s musical tastes and feel closer to each other.

Long distance relationship was meant to be complicated, but it’s OK. Good things come to those who wait, but remember that your dream is also waiting for you somewhere and a combination of time and distance may sometimes be a clue to a brand new level of relations. Long distance relationships have their pros and cons, but it’s worth to keep and fight for them if you really love.