Tips for Choosing Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is a very important pre-wedding moment that should be approached responsibly and meticulously. The tradition of exchanging wedding rings is several centuries old, which has influenced the omens of choosing modern jewelry. The man proposes to his beloved and gives her an engagement ring, after which the lovers are left to choose the wedding rings. To be harmonious and united, the bride and groom should buy accessories together. The recommendations in this article will help you to understand how to choose wedding rings and cope with this difficult task without problems.

How to choose the right wedding rings? 

Wedding rings should be made of the same or completely different materials – it is not crucial. The classic metal of vancouver engagement rings is yellow gold. You are free to choose any other material: platinum, silver and white gold. According to tradition, the surface of the wedding rings should be perfectly smooth, so that the life of the spouses will be good and cloudless. If you and your spouse are ardent fans of diamonds and stones, then wear the accessories carefully so as not to accidentally catch on clothes.  Neither before the wedding, nor after the celebration, let other people wear your wedding rings.

The main criterion for how to choose an engagement ring is the lovers’ endless affection for the accessories. A large selection of engagement rings is available in wedding stores.

How to choose the right size wedding ring

Wedding ring sizes vary in width, weight and diameter. The width is the fundamental factor. The smart thing to do is to try on the gold pieces in the store. This is the only way to understand what suits you and what does not. The choice of size should be approached consciously and the following tips will help you understand this issue:

  • on the fingers of a “pianist” look impressive narrow products from 2.5 to 3.5 mm and wide 8 to 10 mm;
  • for thick and long fingers suit jewelry from 7 to 8 mm;
  • short fingers need narrow pieces of 2.5 to 3.5 mm;
  • on the average length and the same size suitable width of 4.5-6 mm.

How to determine the size of an engagement ring? Be sure to consider the profile of the jewelry. Manufacturers make rings with a rounded configuration, which is called a comfortable fit. This shape allows even rings that are too wide to be comfortable. The inner profile of the gold can be polished over time in case you gain weight.